Vizelex FUSION ND Throttle Smart Adapter

Vizelex FUSION ND Throttle Smart Adapter

Sometimes you need more than a simple adapter to mount a lens onto a camera – you need real power. Seize control over the electronic features of your lenses with a FUSION lens adapter. The FUSION technology built into the adapter enables electronic communication between mixed lens and camera platforms. FUSION adapters enable auto focus, aperture control, image stabilization, and more. Different lenses may exhibit different operating characteristics depending on lens age and manufacturer, we recommend testing individual lenses in your setup before critical shoots.

The Vizelex ND Throttle

The Vizelex ND Throttle is well known for having a built-in variable neutral density filter that offers 1 to 8 stops of light reduction. This concept in adapters has been praised by film makers and now Fotodiox has optimized the adapter for that same crowd. The new Vizelex Cine ND Throttle now feature a geared rotating ring for more precise ND selections and can be used with follow focus accessories.

Compatibility and Durability

Fotodiox adapters are manufactured with precise tolerances, providing a solid, gap free, no wiggle connection for stress free use with chrome plated brass mounts for enhanced durability and reliability.

Compatible Cameras:

  • Panasonic Lumix DC-S1, DC-S1R, DC-S1H
  • Sigma Fp

Note: While EF-S lenses can be mounted and will work, they are not recommended due to the nature of the APS-C crop factor of the lens on the larger GFX format, vignetting will be unavoidable. Some lenses will have slow auto focus, or no auto focus at all (especially third party lenses). Switching between image and video can cause the camera to freeze. When switching f stops in video mode can cause white flashes in video. Longer focal length lenses tend to have more issues with auto focus with the auto adapter. All pictures are for illustration purposes only.

Key Features:
  • Mounts Canon EOS (EF / EF-S) D/SLR Lenses to Leica L-Mount (T-Mount) Mirrorless Cameras; infinity focus or beyond guaranteed
  • Built-in FUSION technology restores automated functions on most lenses such as auto-focus, aperture control, image stabilization and more with compatible lenses
  • Built-in Variable Neutral Density Filter ND2-256 (1-8 stops) for easy and convenient image control over any lens that you attach
  • Enhanced craftsmanship and high-tolerance construction for demanding professionals; infinity focus or beyond guaranteed; Precise fit, no play, gap or wiggling
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty
In Conclusion

The Vizelex FUSION ND Throttle Smart Adapter is a powerful tool for photographers and filmmakers, providing seamless electronic communication between Canon EF full frame lenses and select L-Mount alliance cameras. With built-in FUSION technology and a variable neutral density filter, this adapter offers precise control and enhanced functionality for a wide range of creative applications.